My Little Miracle! – Witch Blemish Stick

Hey lovelies!

So Monday again, don’t they just keep coming around quicker and quicker! i mean were nearly half way through June already!
Ive been feeling really run down and tried lately which when that happens to me i always end up with you guessed it SPOTS! now any of us know soon as we break out we just cant wait to get rid of them as fast as possible! now I’ve tried many of spot treatments but i find this one gives me the best results so i thought i would share :)!


Price – £2.00
Available at Tesco and Boots Prices may vary


I was first told about this little miracle stick when i was back at college about 3 years ago and since then its been my go to blemish treatment! Its not like a miracle over night treatment but it takes all the redness and soreness out of a blemish and sure helps it on its way.
Its basically a solid clear gel in a stick which you put on blemishes as they appear, all you do is unscrew the cap and push your finger inside to make the product come out, now maybe a twist cap would of been slightly easier but i guess what would only add to the cost.
When applied the product can sting ever so slightly, but it only lasts for a second and it isn’t unbearable. I find myself using it every night regardless of blemishes so it can work its magic while i sleep it leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed and it doesn’t have much of a smell which i love as i really don’t like strong smells.
So there you have it my little miracle in a stick! and i would recommend!
Ive used many of the other products on the witch range and i love them all! i think they work wonders for my skin has anyone else used the witch stick? what did you think?
I’m going to go and rest and be lazy all night now because i must be the tiredest girl ever! hopefully my skin will sort itself out soon enough especially with the help of this little fellow because I’m not enjoying all these breakouts :)
hope you’ve all had a happy Monday!
  • This is my go to spot zapping product if I have a beast!! It is amazing. x

  • Hey :)
    I use this as well as their Tinted Moisturiser, I find it really good. It's a lot better than most of the products out at the moment. 

  • I agree! Its amazing :) xxx

  • Ooo I've never tried that! It's next on my list :) I love witch products xxx

  • This seems to be amazing! I might invest in it since its so cheap :) I tend to use sudocreme which works brilliantly to! :D

  • I thought it said £200 a first :P I'm 14 so get a fair amount of spots, will defo try this out thanks :D xx

  • Chelsea

    This is one of my skin care must-haves!
    I always recommend it to people too.
    Such an essential!

    Love, Elise xx

  • Looks intriguing, have to see if I can get one when I airport hop over England soon! 

  • i love this stick too always helps when i breakout, I also love using the primer that they've just released. will be doing a blog post on it soon. loving your blog by the way

  • Yeah I've used that too but I just love how this leaves your skin feeling :) xxx

  • Oh deer nooo! Only £2 :) It's works wonders for me xxxx

  • I agree :) its amazing ! Xxx

  • Ooo I would try it! I love mine :) xxx

  • Yeah I have the primer too :) Loving witch products! Xxx

  • It really is doesn't seem 2 seconds we started it! I would really try it I love mine :) xxxx

  • I used to use this all the time. I love it !!!

  • I love mine there amazing :) xxx

  • It's worth a try! It works wonders for me xxx

  • Nice post, thanks. Wish you a great day.

  • thanks,

  • Never tried a witch product, will now !


    Great post xxx

  • Thankyou x

  • I have tried a ridiculous amount of product wish I could get my hands on this for spot treatments!

  • This sounds great I wonder if its available in the states.. I haven't heard of the brand and I'm always in the market for a good miracle product haha. Im a new follower from blog hop. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  • summerbreeze

    have you tried the witch anti blemish gel? i wanted to ask if that works better than the stick?