Summer Wish List

Hey lovelies!

So after spending all my pennies yesterday on the cutest pair of Ugg boots ever! I’m still finding myself searching the Internet looking at clothes! its just such a force of habit.. and theres just so many lovely clothes out there at the moment i struggle to choose which ones i want/need in my life :)

So I’ve put together a little wish list on what i hope to buy in the next couple of months..


Topshop Stripe Sun Cut Out Dress,  Miss Selfridge Peach Playsuit,  House Of Fraser TFNC Alice Floral Dress,  Miss Selfridge Glitter Wedge ,  Topshop Whamm Espadrille Leather Wedges,  Topshops Nails In Adrenalin
I just adore every single thing on my wishlist especially the Topshop stripe cut out sun dress! I’m just very conscious of the cut out part :( but i hope its not too bad! or i may just cry a little as i need to have this dress in my life and i am just in love with the Topshop wedges! I think they look so retro! If I’m honest ill be very upset if i don’t get all my wishlist :) but what girl wouldn’t! ill try my very hardest to be saving up for all of them!
Have your got any summer must haves?
  • I love all these picks.The Topshop wedges are my fave though x x
    Still super jealous of your uggs
    Love coco xx xx

  • I've just bought the topshop dress! Couldn't resist any longer :)
    And my uggs have been guarded with my life all day to not get them dirty lols xxx

  • Hi babe you seem know your stuff he he only just found this through lookin through Facebook broke my ankle at the weekend and got some time on my hands I will be passing your blog to my friends as your tips are really cool and deco goin follow your. Log ta babe

    • Aww thankyou so much :) sorry to hear about your ankle I got my foot run over by accident the other week and it's still hurting me, silly eh xx

  • Wow that stripy dress is amazing! The others are really cute too! love your style :) x

  • Love everything here, the topshop wedges are gorgeous!xx

    • I need to get saving I've already bought the topshop dress after writing this post :) xxxx

  • Thankyou :) I've bought the strip dress after writing the post ops xxxx

  • Chelsea

    That stripy dress is gorgeous

  • I hope it looks nice on :) xxx

  • These are all so gorgeous, my favourites are the stripey dress and coral heels! :)

  • I've already bought the stripe dress after writing this post.. Didn't take long ops :) xxx

  • Chelsea

    I'm obsessed with your blog and all of those lovely clothes! Some great picks, totally my style! Found you over on Blog love therapy and now following :)


  • Aww thankyou :)! I'll take a look at yours now xxx

  • Chelsea

    this wishlist is absolutely perfect, my dear. i love all the dresses and the two choices of wedges. absolutely lovely. i have so many things in my shopping bag on top shop right now – most of which i cannot afford – it is ridiculous. why do they have to make such wonderful items for so expensive :(

    xx rae

    stop by if you have a moment, love

  • Chelsea

    that nail polish is awesome, topshop make-up is amazing at the moment! LV x

  • Jess

    Need the stripey dress, it I'd so pretty.

    • Inoo :) I hope it looks as nice on :) xxxx

  • it´s so lovely!

  • Chelsea

    I love the dresses and nail varnish :) Xx

  • Chelsea

    I love the two wedges! I'm obsessed with ASOS at the moment, especially cute printed dresses and fit and flare dresses, I need the weather to heat up so I can start wearing it though!

    xoxo Alix

  • Chelsea

    I never actually tried topshop makeup but it's on my to do list :) xxx

  • Thankyou x

  • :) I can't wait to wear the stripe one! Xxx

  • Chelsea

    Hey, youy have an amazing blog, please follow and we will follow back :)xxxx