Ombre Hair Trend

Hey lovelies!

So today i thought i would talk about hair. yes again, I’m sorry if I’m boring you but i have been lusting over this trend for quite a while now i just have no guts whatsoever to go get it done myself!
The ombre trend is when the roots of your hair are darker than the ends, i know some cynics just say man those girls need their roots doing.. but come on theres cynics about everything.. but then again that’s why I’m too scared to take the plunge!
There really is just something about this trend which is capturing our hearts! whether its Miss Flacks ombre loose curl styling and cheeky charm which just endears you in and makes you want to be her? or just the fun, short, choppy bob of Miley Cyrus’ ombre which just has everyone going absolutely crazy!


So do you like ombre hair and would you do the trend?
My hair as you can see from the picture below is just your average blonde highlights with a slight darker blonde in between, i really would love to go for it and have myself some ombre hair! but I’m such a scaredy cat! i think i would really love it but then i probably would get bored very easily, or if i got that one look of someone as if you say “man! she need her roots doing” i think i would possibly cry and go straight to the hairdressers to get it all back blonde.
 That’s my other worry! how would you dye so much brown to make it all blonde if you didn’t like it? I’m just such a wimp when it comes to my hair!
So what do you think ? should i go for it or leave it as it is?
  • I do love ombre! I love how its stayed around for a long time too
    Marie x

  • I have black hair and i think this looks better on brown hair, so i can't ever try this :( But i LOVE THIS LOOK!!! xx

  • I know! I need it, just too scared xxx

  • I think it's easier to do with brown hair, why don't you try it with a colour? Xx

  • Take the plunge and do it, i think it will really suit you. I have a longish bob so cant really do it myself however Miley Cyrus is styling it AMAZINGLY! Love this style, maybe try it with the wash out dye's before doing it with the permanent one's?? 
    Natalie xxx 

  • Miley is rocking it! I was thinking wash in wash out but then it may either just not work or leave my blonde looking dirty! I think I'm going to have to try it! I've been looking through pictures all day I lovee it! Xxx

  • I think you'd totally suit it! Being a blonde i totally know your fear of not being able to get the blonde back. They say if you want to do something dramatic to your hair you should leave it a week or two and if you still love the idea then go for it. I was the same with my fringe when i got it cut in but i totally loved it and wished id done it sooner. Just go to a really great hairdresser who knows what they are doing. xx

  • I think that's a great idea! But after wanting it for soloing but never really thinking of it propperly today's just been all about ombré hair! I would love to try it for a day but I no I can't ha! I may have to just go for it before I change my mind because I really want it :) xxxxx