My Bargin Buy – H&M Dress :)

Hey lovelies
So I’m loving the sunny weather! love love love the sun :) so after work i decided to nip into town on the hunt for a top well you know how you get side tracked well it was kinda like that? so i ended up in the completely wrong shop,, OPS but i found the most fabulous dress! and i didn’t even get the top which i started off going to get.. talk about silly!


H & M – £12.99
So i apologise for the geeky picture but i took it in the changing rooms to send my mum :) to show what i was buying! does anyone else do that? or is it just me. Well anyways my phone started playing up-stupid iphone! and i didn’t think i got the picture but i did so i thought i would share it with you guys before i actually wear it properly! so you may be seeing this dress again soon in a OOTN post.  I’m so pleased with it for £13 its a real beauty!
I cant wait to go back to H&M once I’ve been paid again they have some amazing clothes in at the moment!
What do you think guys? :)
  • I think everyone takes geeky pictures to ask their mums/sisters opions. My sister has aload of very sad evidence on her phone and so do i for that matter lol :D The dress is very pretty and cheap aswell. 

    Fibi x

  • woow i love this! suits you! xx

  • It's a must :) I think it's a bargin! Xx

  • Aww thankyou :) xx

  • That's a fabulous dress!  I wish I had a near by H&M.

  • love this! totally agree, i keep finding myself in H&M changing rooms at the moment with a handful of clothes.. they've got some great stuff :) xx

  • :) I never usually look in h &m glad I did xx

  • I totally agree :) xxx

  • This is soo nice! I may have to take a cheeky trip to h&m! xxx

  • You won't be disappointed! :) xx

  • OMG im really liking this dress, will defo be going to have a look for it. 

    I take pictures too, i show my best friends before i buy :)


  • Looks gorgeous! i always send Mum pics too.

  • that is such a bargain, and it looks great on you! LV 

  • Love it,so pretty and summary looking I want :)


  • Very cute – love the print!

  • It's a must :) xxx

  • Thankyou! Xxx

  • Thankyou :) xx

  • That's what I thought loved it! Xxx

  • Me to! Its my best by for a while! Xxx

  • Chelsea ♥

    I love your blog :)  just stumbled across it! :) following now. 

    Nafisah xo

  • I love the dress! You have a lovely blog. 
    Would you like to follow each other?

    xx jess

  • this is gorge! love a bargain too :)) xxx

  • gorgeous dress! love a bargain x

  • Thankyou :) xxx

  • Thankyou can't wait to wear the dress properly! Xxx

  • :) a bargins always great! Xxx

  • Thankyou can't wait to wear it properly :) xxx

  • Woow your floral dress is really awesome! It is one of my favourit pattern and i think perfect for summer and spring! You look gorgeous with it!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  • Thankyou :) xxx