Kreativ Blogger Award

23 May 2012

Hey Lovelies!

So i was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Beauty Makeup Addict her blog is perfect for if you love doing your eye make up! i always have a little peek for when i need some extra tips as i am not the best at eye make up! :)

So heres the rules:

post a link to the blogger who gave you the award.
answer the questions.
share 7 random things about yourself.
pass on to other bloggers.

So for the random facts I'm going to cheat a little if you would like to know them you could take a peek at the other award posts which i have done :)

I pass the award to:


I always read every single comment!
If you ask a question i will try to reply.. but sometimes my blogger plays silly beggars & never lets me, so a quicker way to ask would be on twitter (@chelseayates1) or by email -

i don't do follow for follows and i won't follow you back just because you ask me too as i think it's really rude. Feel free to leave your blog link, i would love to look & for others to see it.. If i enjoy your blog, i will follow it (you shouldnt need to ask for follows) and i would like to think that would be the case the other way round :)

Thanks for commenting!
Lots of love

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