Review: Model Co Tan Mousse

Hey lovelies!

Well by know after about 4 reviews on fake tan i think its clear to say you guys should know my weakness! I just love waking up with that feeling of your skin all moisturised and knowing that no matter what the weather your prepared and ready! Before i start my review on this product i want you to know one thing… get ready to wake up a bronzed goddess! :)

I tend to lean towards the cheaper tans for everyday use seeing as i use so much of it but i don’t mind splashing out on the more expensive tans to use on special occasions that way they you get to enjoy them for longer!

Price – £20.00
Size – 100ml
Check out the Model Co website for stockists :)
On The Bottle,  A super lightweight, easy to apply, velvety foam with instant bronzer & self tanner for a deep, fast tan that will last for days.


Applying The Tan, As you can see in the picture above the tan is slightly tinted which makes a perfect guide for applying the foam it is instantly visible on your skin so you can see exactly where its been which makes its so easy to apply, it does have a kind of sweet coconut smell which is very pleasant, i just cant stop smelling my arms! and in the morning it doesn’t smell of that fake tan smell just a very pleasant sweet coconuty smell, i love it! it glides over your skin and is just effortless to blend giving you a perfectly even, streak free tan! plus it dried super quick! which we all want don’t we girls! :)
The Verdict, i woke up with the most natural looking tan, i had no streaks it just looks gorgeous and my skin felt so soft and smelt so good i just couldn’t stop touching and smelling it! :) i love being able to have a day without any foundation on my face! its certainly one of, if not the best high end tan I’ve used! it smells great, no streaks and easily applied! i think any novice tanner could use this tan achieving fantastic results being so simple to apply! :)
I have no face make up on in these pictures just the model co fake tan and eye make up.
So that’s my verdict have you ever used Model co tans what did you think?
*PR sample
  • Hozzah for no streaks! I don't wear fake tan but I hate seeing high school girls walking around looking like a striped tango can. Next time I'll be recommending this to them lol.

  • Ha! Streaks are a big no no! But this didnt leave a one :) xxx

  • I like it, it looks good.

    Have you ever tried St Moraz? Morez?? I have heard it is a rip off of St.Tropez but have read a few rave reviews about it, do you know what its like??


  • Hi :) yea I've used st moriz tan I find it works well shows up straight away and is a lovely colour but if any water touches it you end up with a big blop where it's been :( if you know it's not going to rain and you know your not going to spill a drink on yourself it's a good tan :) xxxx

  • This looks really natural on you, nice and sunkissed!

    btw i tagged you in a Get to Know Me Tag if u fancy participating :)

  • Thankyou :) I really enjoyed having a no foundation day!
    I'll try to do it as soon as I have time xxxx

  • I have to admit, you do look amazing. But I just can't justify £20 on something to make my skin darker haha!


  • Yea £20 is steep but I think this tan is worth ! Ive loved being able to not wear foundation all day :) xxx

  • You've totally sold me! Anything that I can still look great and not have to get up as early to get ready for work is good for me! ;) Thanks (and now off I go…)

  • Aww great :) you'll defiantly wake up a bronzed beauty with this! Xxx

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  • Nice Blog <3 Follow u


  • How do you get PR samples sent to you?