Happy St George’s Day Nails – NOTD

Hey lovelies !

So today is St. George’s Day! And not many people go out of there way to celebrate it anymore which I’m not too sure why.. So I thought I would celebrate the day by doing a St George’s Day nail design and wearing red :)!

So i used Barry M, surprise surprise :) colour 296 which is called coral. It made a great red colour it wasn’t too deep and not to pinky! just the perfect orangey red! and for the white of my flag i used Sally Hansen sheerly opal which is just a natural white colour.. i cant actually remember where or when i got this one all i know it was a very very long time ago and the nail polish itself still works its never gone clumpy over time!
Hope you like them!
As you can see I’m not the best at nail designs i need some more practise! but i think i did quite well and i really think there cute for the day :)
have you ever tried any nail designs? what tips do you have? :)
Happy St. George’s Day everyone!
  • So cute! love this!! get practicing the union jack for the olympics this summerrrr!
    I can never do nail designs… can't even paint my nails properly normally haha so I think you've done very well!! x

  • Ooo that's a great idea! I'll get practising! Thankyou I thought it looked a little sloppy but it was goodish for a first attempt :) xxx

  • OMG you're so prettyyyyyy!

    Love your blog, nice polish colorrr i want one!
    I'm nowhere near talented to paint my nails with patterns and all, but i really love your work!
    nicely done!

    Following you now, please check out mine


  • Aww thankyou! I'm not the best myself! I just try my hardest ha it took me about 3 attempts :)
    I'll take a look now xxx

  • Aww I usually apply a top coat polish which helps it to last :)
    I just didn't with these as they was only for the day xxxx

  • they are such a gorge colour 

  • Thankyou x

  • Pretty!!!