FOTD – Rimmel Wake Me Up

Hey lovelies!

So my make up is never the most extreme even when i go on a night out i never go over the top just do my tan and stick to my usual daily routine but usually add some false lashes to make your eyes look extra special :)


Face – Rimmel London wake me up 200 soft beige, Rimmel London wake me up concealer, Rimmel London natural bronzer.
Eyes – Rimmel London scandal eyes, L’Oreal Paris super carbon gloss eyeliner.
Lips – Mac Pro long wear lipglass


As you can see i don’t wear alot of make up and i don’t think i ever will I’ve never been a full TOWIE girl that lives in her make up give me my joggers and with my hair up any day :) although i do love my fake tan! i guess me and the TOWIE’s do have something in common!


I’ve been using the rimmel wake up foundation and concealer for the past couple of days now and i must say i really do like it! i know nearly everyone in the blogging world has had their say on this make up so i wont go into to much detail (unless you want me to of course) ill just say that i think its now going to be my new everyday foundation :) its not too expensive and it left my skin feeling so soft! i just fell in love!

Btw.. Boots have a great offer on at the moment if you spend over £10 on Rimmel products you get the Scandal eyes mascara free! fantastic or what!


  • I'm the same :) I only wear it when I have too ! Xxx

  • Aww! I'm sure there's plenty similar or there's a way to get it in Canada :) xxx

  • :) xxxx

  • I am such a foundation addict, thanks for this post I will deff give this a try, your skin looks lovely in the pictures :)

  • Well I love this foundation :) and thankyou for the comment xxx

  • I was giggling at the Towie comment … If you hadn't said I wouldn't have guessed that you were an Essex girl. Definitely stick to what you're doing as you're beautiful as you are xx

  • Ha I'm not an Essex girl :) I just know they go OTT on make up! But thankyou for your comment :) xxxx

  • I love the Scandal Eyes, I was using it before I switched up to L'Oreal Telescopic!

    Everybody is raving about this Rimmel foundation, think I may have to see what all the fuss is about!!

    x x

  • Ino I love the bright orange tube as well it makes easy to find :)
    And yea that's why I never did the full review but I do love it xxx

  • your hair is a gorgeous colour! I'm looking at getting a new foundation so I think i'll give this a try!
    lauren x

  • Aww thankyou :) yea I would defiantly give it a try! It's fab xxx

  • Super nice and adorable:) <3

  • I was the same :) but the offer just made me get it and now I'm in love ! Xxxx

  • Aww thankyou :) xxx

  • I've been dying to try this foundation! may have to give it a go! You're so naturally pretty you don't need a lot of make up so no wonder you don't wear a lot!
    Love your blog hun :) new reader and such a good new find!

    Lisa :) x

  • Aww thankyou for such a lovely comment! :) its a really good foundation I like it ! And the offer which is on at boots at the min is great xxx