The Big Shopping Haul – My Week In Clothes :)

Hey lovelies!

Well what a horrible rainy windy day! I went to Manchester shopping and from the walk to the car to the shopping centre.. Mr wind decided to blow me away! i literally was running to stay on my feet! i did find it quite amusing though!

Well down to the shopping.. this is just some of the clothes that have mounted up the past week.. i think i have a real problem i have so many outfits and no occasions! but oh well it has to be done there just all so pretty!

I have everything from Jones and Jones dresses to Miss Selfridge dresses a Glamorous and Primark dress and some nail polishes to river island tops, jeans and even some new cute trainers :)

The blue dress is Miss Selfridge and was £39.00 its has gold buttons and cut out back detail!
The stripe dress and nail polishes are good old primark :)
The tops are River Island the patterned one was £16 and the white one £20
The Burgundy and black top and the purple jeans was also from River Island and was both £30
The daisy print dress was from Republic but is a Glamorous dress and was £22
The cream and red dress are Jones And Jones and was both £60
and last of all for now.. my new trainers are from Schuh and was £65
Well i think after this i need to hide all my cards so that i can not be tempted to spend anymore! but i cant wait to find or make up an occasion to wear all of my dresses! and new clothes!
I hope you all have a lovely Sunday I’m now in my PJ’s after being blown away and wet through by Mr wind and the rain! so i plan to get very very cosy and not move for the rest of the night :)
Do you buy as much as me? please say yes so I’m not alone!
  • love the purpley top and the white and red dresses! absolutely gorgeous! Shopping is a girl's best friend I say! Shopping never lets you down…(well not until you get your bank statement! LOL)

  • wow thats one serious haul! Love it! Loving that white top is it from River Island? I always go shopping with the intention of buying lots and then never find anything I like clothes wise.


  • :) I Love it all! Just dreading checking the bank statement. :) oh well it'll be fine xxx

  • Yea was £20 from river island :) loving how cheap there tops are ATM! I seem to buy lots and have no where to go .. I think I'll manage though :) xxx

  • wow yo bought loads

  • Ops :) xxx

  • Wow, it looks like you picked up some amazing pieces!!  I'm on a bit of a buying freeze- at least for clothes.  Today I went out and spent a TON in new living room decor.  That was just as fun :)

  • i LOVE the cream dress and the red as well. so.cute!

  • Wow, so many awesome things! I love it:)

  • I can't wait to wear them :) ooo I love looking in the home section! I just don't have my own house to by for yet xxx

  • :) I can't wait to wear them all! Xx

  • Love the dresses and the patterned River Island top <3

    Lea x