Review || Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

30 July 2014

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray | £7.19

I am a huge fan of the beach waves effect, no heat just loose tousled waves. The way i like to achieve this look is by using sea salt sprays, they are amazing for adding texture and style to hair making it look effortlessly beachy and texturised. - Perfect for those summer days!

The Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray claims to 'create texture and body with light to medium hold' I use it by just spritzing into my hair and scrunching it up with my hands as i go along, spraying & scrunching until i reach my desired look. I love the texture and dept it gives to my everyday boring hair, it kind of emphasises my hairs own natural waves which i really like.

Overall i really love this sea salt spray, i have used others in the past which i have found left my hair feeling slightly sticky and hard, like i could tell i had put something in my hair - but with the Toni & guy sea salt spray i didn't find any of this happening which i loved, i hate the feeling of product in my hair! This kind of spray is amazing if you like the beach waves look and want to achieve it without using heat on your hair (I'm a huge fan of anything which stops me using heat) which I'm pretty sure any girl is!

Are you a fan of sea salt sprays?

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Video | GRWM Summer Makeup & a Talk!

29 July 2014

grwm, get ready with me, red lips, winged liner, summer makeup, through chelsea's eyes,

Hi Guys, so i feel like while I'm kinda on a roll with my youtube uploading, my blog is kinda not going as well as i would like... Its really difficult to keep both running side by side along with life, always having a headache and feeling poopy and other commitments i guess :( which makes me really sad as i love my blog to pieces i just find it really difficult to write at the minute. So I'm writing when i can and trying not to force content as well forced content isn't something anyone wants to read is it? So i hope no one disowns me & my blog while we are having a little trouble! We will be back ASAP i promise you that :) 

On a lighter note, i uploaded a little summer GRWM makeup look, its basically winged liner and red/orange lips! I have been loving red/orange lips so i thought it would be perfect to show you in a quick GRWM! If there are any video's you would like to see from my channel then please do let me know, I'm considering trying out a celebrity makeup tutorial although i can't decide which one to opt for! So any suggestions will be helpful! So anyway I'm sorry for my little moan but i needed a vent and to get it off my chest, not blogging as much as i would like is upsetting me!

Hope you enjoy the video
Lots of Love <3

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Review | Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream

28 July 2014

Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream, bb cream, summer bb cream, summer foundation, summer makeup, Bioderma,review, through chelsea's eyes,
Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream, bb cream, summer bb cream, summer foundation, summer makeup, Bioderma,review, through chelsea's eyes,
Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream, bb cream, summer bb cream, summer foundation, summer makeup, Bioderma,review, through chelsea's eyes,

Well known french pharmacy skincare brand, Bioderma - probably more well known for their micellar water, recently launched a BB Cream and being summer you all know how much i bang on about how i love to use BB cream's! Anyway over recent weeks i have been putting the Bioderma BB Cream to the test, and i thought i would share my thoughts and feelings with you! 

Starting off with the packaging, the packaging is very similar to all Bioderma products, clean cut and simple with the red writing, which makes it pretty noticeable of what family this product belongs to! Now the actual product inside the bottle, it comes out pretty thick and looks quite dark which can be scary for a BB cream (I'm never too keen on these one shade suits all) but as with most dark looking products i tried a little first and found a little goes a long way, and although the products feels thick in consistency when applying that thickness feeling soon wears off and leaves it feeling light like your hardly wearing makeup at all! I don't particularly suffer from red skin or red patches so i can't tell you how it works on the AR front, but i can tell you i did an amazing job at evening out my skin tone and i find the finish very matte which is great for the summer months & would probably be perfect for anyone with oily skin.

Overall, i really love this BB Cream, and with the beautiful weather we have been having in the UK lately i have been finding myself grabbing this an awful lot lately, It also has an SPF of 30 which is just fantastic! I just love the way it evened out my skin tone and the way it lasted throughout the day! - this BB Cream is just perfect for the summer!

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