Wednesday Wishlist | The Black Backpack

25 March 2015

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I feel like all i am doing is bombarding you with wishlist style posts lately but when you're sat at home poorly (having a social media blackout, hiding because you can't find out who A is! PLL super fans will be with me on that one) my mind turns automatically to online shopping! 

One thing which is high on my hit list to buy lately is a new backpack. I already own a few but i don't own a black one, yes out of all the colours of the rainbow black is the one i do not own and that is just not good enough for a backpack lover like myself, so i thought i would share a few of my favourites which i found recently. For Christmas i received a Grafea backpack and have been using it religiously, so I'm undecided whether to save up my money and buy the same one in black? or because fringing is in this season and i have kind of grown obsessed... the Topshop fringed backpack would be a better more sensible option? Those are my favourite two out of the 6 i picked.. now to decide.

Which is your favourite? Backpacks... Yes or no? Are you loving fringing? 

Video | Collective Haul

22 March 2015

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Hi guys!
So I'm back, after a little youtubey break here i am with a haul video - its been quite a while since i shared a haul video with you guys so i hope you enjoy seeing what i've bought recently (it was filmed in February so it is a tad outdated hopefully you won't mind too much!)  So enjoy & don't forget to give the video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it, share & subscribe! 

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Wednesday Wishlist | Spring-ish

11 March 2015

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I feel like welcoming in spring today and what better way to do that today than with a little wish list of things which i am dying to get my hands on! I am absolutely loving fringes lately, be it on a pair of shoes, a jacket or a bag, so i picked out a couple of my favourite fringed items which i am absolutely dying to get my hands on! I'm also loving white shoes last year i wore my Nike's through out spring and summer this year I'm kind of undecided on whether to opt for the same Nike's again or venture into the world of vans? What do you reckon? I am a total Van's novice so have no idea if they will be just as comfy as my Nike's. Also is it just me loving the colour Khaki? I am obsessed totally bring's me back to my childhood days i lived in this colour & plan on doing again this spring/summer! Along with this striped skirt from river island, how gorgeous is that? 

What are you loving lately? My wish list seems endless!

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