Someday Summary #5 - 17/4/15

17 April 2015

It's been just over a week since my last 'Daily Update' or even my last blog update for that matter. I have been feeling a little out of love with my blog recently but i have ordered myself a new cleaner more simple design which will hopefully make me fall in love with my blog all over again, Sometimes the pressure of keeping up with everyone and their gorgeous blogs while still being true to yourself gets hard! On a lighter note today i spent the day getting more organised, i got my notepad and sat myself down with my blog ideas & youtube ideas (if you haven't already subscribed please go ahead & subscribe... i have lots of new video ideas after today! ) it's been over two weeks since i uploaded my last youtube video so yes its safe to say i am feeling pretty unorganised to say at the start of the year i set myself the goal to be more organised! - OPS! 

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Hopefully my blog & youtube will both be back up & running like clock work next week, i took lots of blog photographs today & as i said wrote my ideas down so I'm feeling pretty positive that things will start to be more regular for you guys! Lastly i just want to say a big thank you to everyone of you who reads/follows/subscribes to my blog or youtube channel as well without you guys i would just be talking to myself and i don't think I say thank you for the support enough sometimes.  <3

What have you been up to lately? If anyone has any tips on how to keep motivated/stay organised id love to give them a read :) 

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Someday Summary #4 - 9/4/15

10 April 2015

Today i kinda felt like giving you guys a little summary of my day, well yesterday... i absolutely love writing these styles of posts & i think i have written that sentence so much recently but 1 more time won't hurt. I have had such a busy week which makes it feel like i haven't caught up with you guys not even on twitter/instagram (crazy i know!) so i felt it was about time i share my 'what i have been getting up to's' with you today. 
a day in the life, lifestyle, through chelsea's eyes,

❀ I have been loving using my real techniques bold metal brushes especially the contour brush i mentioned this in my march favourites video so if you haven't caught up on that yet you can watch that here.
❀ I got my hair done, by the lovely Ainsley at Clarity's in Manchester who i met when i went filming 'Back in 2mins' If you haven't checked that out yet then please do! Back to my hair, it's the first time in a long time i have left the hairdressers happy so thank you Ainsley! I will be back :) 
❀ I cleaned the rabbit out (every time i update like this i always seem to clean the rabbit out!) 
❀ I have been preparing for the Grand National on Saturday!
❀ ... which also meant playing postman going picking up all my online click & collect parcels from the Trafford Centre.
❀ The sun is shining so lets hope this weather stays like this!
❀ I am still obsessed with friends. Friends anonymous anyone?
❀ I am in need of a new netflix series, any suggestions? 
❀ I have a Primark haul to film! Who doesn't like a Primark haul!?
❀ I ate Nando's for tea.. mmm Nando's! I haven't eaten a Nando's in soooo long!

So that's what i have been up to, i am basically in for another jam packed day then later tonight i plan on going back to my couch & binging on friends episodes! I have watched them so many times its ridiculous but i can't stop... So yeah please send me a new series to watch on Netflix so i can give friends a break! 
What have you been up to today? 

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Video | March Favourites 2015

6 April 2015

Happy Easter Monday everyone, is anyone else enjoying this long weekend? Plus the sun has made a special appearance for us which makes it feel extra nice, nothing nicer than a sunny long weekend! Back on topic today i uploaded my March favourites video, it's very quick & to the point as i haven't filmed a favourites video since November! But i have a couple of favourites last month (enough to actually film a video) so here you go! Don't forget to give the video a big thumbs up and subscribe!

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